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Clean Sea is a private owned company with 15+ years expertise in the Shipping field. We are a young, experienced and qualified Emergency Response Organization, delivering reliable services within all Argentinean waters.

With its main offices located in Buenos Aires and equipment pre-positioned along the main ports of the Parana River and Argentinian Sea, Clean Sea provides rapid response solutions to marine salvage and oil spill situations.More than 30 own staff, state of the art portable equipment and a vast network of subcontractors we provide coverage to most important ports/terminals and a rapid response throughout all Argentinean Sea, Rio de la Plata and the Hidrovía Paraná-Paraguay.


To be an innovative, original and dynamic organization, immediately responding to the emergencies or needs of our clients, having full respect for the environment.


Being the best ally of our clients as regards environmental protection.

  •   Honesty and Transparency.
  •   Teamwork.
  •   Customer Orientation.
  •   Continuous Learning.
  •   Social Responsability.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

Clean Sea adopts the Integrated Management System as regards Quality, Environment, and occupational Health, as the organization’s strategic decision. We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our activities and consequently committed to:

Satisfying the needs of our clients and the applicable requirements of the corresponding interested parties, offering services that meet their expectations, committing ourselves to continuous improvement and in compliance with the applicable mandatory legal requirements.

Building and maintaining a working environment where all our employees’ capacities are fostered, guaranteeing safety and designing our processes in order to avert dangers and minimize risks, promoting workers’ consultation and participation.

  Minimizing any adverse consequence for the environment, protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Training and re-training the personnel so as to offer our clients a professional and efficient service.

The Management of Clean Sea S.A. commits to applying and communicating this Integrated Management Policy, through the effective implementation of these premises in every process of the organization and in our relation with the interested parties.

Environment is a priority in our company. All employees develop their tasks with responsibility and under rigorous quality standards ALWAYS preserving the space that surrounds us. We are conscious about the important role that PARANA Logistica plays in the market, reason why we are constantly working to build a better place to live in. We aim to minimize our impact on the environment elaborating realistic aims to achieve.


Oil Spill Response

Marine Salvage & Wreck Removal

Marine Fire Fighting

Liquid Cargo Handling

Bathymetric surveys – Side Scan Sonar

Emergency Towing

Tank – Cargo Hold Cleaning

STS Operations 

Contingency Plans Elaboration

Launch Services

Garbage Disposal

Technical Consultancy

Our Projects

Our Projects

Sunken Tugboat - Villa Constitución, Santa Fe, Argentina


Oil Spill containment and recovery.  Equipment & personnel was mobilized from upriver facilities.

Crude Oil Spill - Ventanilla Perú


Equipment and Personnel were mobilized on behalf of a Peruvian OSRO Company to direct local crews during oil recovery operations at sea, and protection of sensitive areas from further contamination.

Sunken Tugboat – La Plata,
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Assisted more than 100 lightering operations in the past 5 years for customers such as YPF, Shell, Raizen, Axion and Chevron with ZERO LTI record. All equipment and LSV are fully compliant with industry standards.

Aground Chemical Tanker - Barranquilla, Colombia


Vessel laden with hazardous chemicals ran aground at Barranquilla Port (“Bocas de Ceniza” area). Salvage and OSRO support during the operation (on site & remote). Despite the pandemic, and local Covid-19 restrictions, we managed to mobilize equipment and personnel from different locations (Argentina, USA and Netherlands).
Aground Bulk Carrier – Lightering & Top off, Paraná River, Santa Fe, Argentina.


Bulker run aground while sailing outbound from San Lorenzo Port, in laden condition with about 30.000 tons of grains on board. Refloating operation was conducted with 2 azimuth tugs. Due to exceptional sudden low tides in the river, we lighter about 2500 mts to allow vessel sail through shallow spot; and reload lightened cargo at KM 171.

Offshore Project – Piura, Perú


Prior to starting offshore drilling, our company mobilized personnel to deliver training courses (IMO Equivalent) to local crews and shore staff from a local OSRO Company. Additionally, an oil spill response drill was coordinated in compliance with local regulations.

Aground Bulk Carrier – Parana River, KM 165, Argentina.


28.000 dwt bulker run aground while in transit to San Nicolás port, in laden condition. Clean Sea, together with T&T Salvage refloated the vessel with the assistance of 4 azimuth tugs and ground reaction above 4000tns.

Aground Bulk Carrier – Paraná River, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Panamax bulker run aground while sailing outbound in laden condition with 43.000tns of grains on board. Together with our T&T Salvage partners, vessel was refloated and safely redelivered to owners.

Bulk Carrier Collision – San Pedro, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Collision between bulk carrier and tanker vessel, followed by IFO spill from the bulker which affected about 40km coast down river. After 60 days of continuous work, all the oil spill was recovered and coast was cleaned to the satisfaction of local authorities, Coastguard, P&I Club, and ITOPF.


Offshore Malvinas Project – CAA40 – CAA46, Malvinas Basin, Argentina


Drilling offshore conducted by YPF with vessels Stena Drillmax, Normand Skarven, Normand Baltic and Yamato. During 90 days, our team and equipment was deployed on board the vessels to render oil spill prevention services. Technical consultancy during the elaboration of Contingency plans, and IMO Equivalent training courses were given to all seafarers affected to the operation, to the satisfaction of Argentinean Authorities.

Aground Supply vessel – Orense, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Grounded supply vessel at Orense’s coast. During 45 days, transiting 8kms through the beach bunkers, and oily waters were extracted from the ship before salvage operation. Oil Spill prevention duties were carried out during salvage with personnel and equipment on site.

Fuel Oil Spill – Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina


Fuel oil spill hit Caleta Cordova’s coast. After 25 days of continuous work, the whole coast was cleaned manually to every party involved satisfaction. An Hercules C130 was mobilized from Buenos Aires with special equipment. Animals were rescued and cleaned too.

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